Attention Hopkinton Residents- Pavement Preservation Project

BETA Pavement Preservation Vehicle

We are excited to inform you that the Town of Hopkinton is working on a Pavement Preservation Plan to assess the condition of our roads.  As part of this project, we have partnered with BETA Group, a third-party company, to conduct a comprehensive scan of all Hopkinton-owned roads.  You may notice a blue vehicle with the BETA logo driving around town slowly (see image below).  This vehicle is equipped with a large sensor on its roof, which is used to gather data about the current state of our roads.  The scan will provide valuable information that will help us prioritize repairs and plan for future maintenance needs.  This initiative is crucial for the Town of Hopkinton as it will enable us to develop an effective strategy to address any existing road issues and ensure proper maintenance in the future. By identifying areas that require attention, we can allocate resources more efficiently and enhance the overall quality of our road infrastructure.  

We kindly ask for your cooperation during this scanning process.  If you see the BETA vehicle, please allow it to proceed without any hindrance.  The data collected will be invaluable in shaping our pavement preservation efforts.  Thank you for your understanding and support as we work towards improving the condition of our roads.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Town Manager’s office (401-377-7761).