Veterans Affairs

 The duties of the Veterans Affair will be carried out by the Veterans Services agent, which will include:
  1. Meeting with Veterans, spouses, and their dependents in an office or home setting to assist with determining eligibility for, or qualifications for, financial, medical, and administrative assistance.
  2. Assisting veterans, spouses, and their dependents with completing and submitting applications for benefits or service to any appropriate State or Federal agencies or not-for-profit organizations.
  3. Working with veterans, spouses, and their dependents to identify alternative resources that may be available such as services that may be provided by any State or Federal government programs or not-for-profit agencies.
  4. Communicating and coordinating his or her activities, as necessary, with the Town Manager and Town Clerk.
  5. Working with veterans in the community and providing assistance to find housing, furniture, food, transportation and other needs as necessary and serve as a liaison to any government or not-for-profit agency providing such services and assistance.
  6. Maintaing knowledge of pertinent State and Federal regulations, benefits programs, and other programs or services that may be available to veterans in the community and keeping abreast of changes in any such regulations, programs, or services.
  7. Coordinating, planning and/or participating in community activities to honor veterans such as Memorial Day and/or Veteran’s Day activities.
  8. Ensuring compliance with any and all applicable State and Federal laws related to the confidentiality of persons’ medical and/or personal information.
  9. Reporting periodically to the Town Council about the activities of the Veteran’s Services Agent and providing recommendations to the Town Council about the nature of this position and any appropriate amendments to this Section.
For more information and resources regarding Veterans Affairs please visit:
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Jim Salisbury